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Solar energy can cut your electricity bill by up to 100%, making a significant difference to your financial success in business. No matter whether you are in manufacturing, fabrication, warehousing, cold storage, printing, auto-mechanical, food production/processing and more, freedom from the grid provides unique financial gains that feed back into your business for 20+ years, which means there’s nothing else quite like it for securing long-term returns and added security.

At the time of writing, government rebates are still available to save you thousands in upfront installation costs putting business owners in a unique position to gain immediate benefits from their solar system in addition to the energy it will generate. The benefits stack even higher when you take into account that the Instant Asset Write Off which allows business owners to depreciate the cost of their solar system up to $150,000 as soon as it’s bought.

This is a very good time for business owners to begin to do the sums and clearly understand the payback from using solar to power your business.

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