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Why Site Visits are Important in Solar Installations

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Always ask for a site visit instead of getting a quote over the internet. It may be convenient, but it’s not ideal for ensuring your system FITS with your commercial facility or business. But be warned! This is something most solar companies do, and it creates a bigger problem for customers, costing them even more when making the switch. Call us “old fashioned”, but we believe convenience isn’t something you should do when it comes to solar installations. We do our diligence in visiting our clients’ property to evaluate your power consumption and usage patterns properly. Also, assessing the structure and condition of the building the system is to be installed on. Only then will we recommend products, materials and get started on the layout of your system. Thorough and seamless, safeguarding your investment is what our process achieves. To learn more about our work, book a consultation with us by filling out our online form ~
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