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Importance of having a solar provider focused on your business goals

As a business, one of the most important investments you can make in the modern era involves solar system installation. Yet as you will know, many solar power specialists exist across Australia. Making sure you hire a service for installation that is aligned to your business goals, though, is very important!

If you are finding it hard to commit to a solar power installation service, then try and take the following factors into account.

Good versus bad solar providers

When you first start looking into solar installers Geelong, you might start to wonder how you can tell who is good and bad. Typically, we recommend you focus on:

1. How long they have been in business. Typically, you want a company with a history within the industry.

2. The reputation they hold locally. If they are proper solar power specialists, they will be respected locally.

3. The reviews they garner online. How are people discussing the work done? The value for money? If people are unhappy, they’ll tell the internet.

4. The quality of their presence. Look for how active they are on social media, through their website, and offline; good companies are active, visible, and proactive.

5. The level of warranty provided. Good solar panels for small businesses come with a proven long-term guarantee and should also come equipped with a warranty that lasts for more than five years.

Put simply, if you are going to hire solar installers then they should have a positive reputation based on the above. If they don’t, then it is a pretty significant red flag that the company lacks the quality needed.

Why Greensaver is your ideal Australian solar installer

If you do intend to go ahead and invest in solar panels for small businesses in Australia, you should consider Greensaver. As a solar firm, they provide a service that can:

  • Deliver a higher rate of quality for a lower price. You can get a 40KW system for the price of a 30KW system sold by other vendors – that’s great value for money.

  • Quality accessories are sold alongside their goods. Unlike other vendors who use cheap inverters, Greensaver uses high-end inverters that are designed to last longer.

  • All panels which are provided come with peace of mind. This is due to the presence of a Tier 1 CEC approved panel setup.

  • Install the entire system for you without the use of subcontractors – everyone at Greensaver who works on your job represents the company themselves.

  • Access to government rebate programs and finance if needed, helping to make the investment in solar panels a generally more affordable process for every small business.

When it comes to investing in solar in Geelong, you want to make sure you hire experts with a knowledge of the topic at hand. By working with Greensaver, you avoid the red flags raised above whilst ensuring you get tremendous value for money that can benefit your company both today and in the years to come. 

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