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4 Apr, 2021

Can Heavy Machinery be Powered by Solar?

Wondering if your heavy machinery can be powered by solar? In short – it can! We understand the hesitation – machinery can require a massive load of power…how can something like the SUN ...

28 Mar, 2021

Here's why we Only Use High-Quality Products

High-quality system = high-quality performance. It doesn’t get more simple than that. Cheap systems in the market today promise significant returns but can fall flat with realistic expectation ...

21 Mar, 2021

How Proper Solar Sizing can Benefit your Commercial Facility

Worried that the size of your solar system won’t fulfil your energy needs? Don’t let the size fool you; in many cases, there are more things to consider than the number of panels you inst ...

14 Mar, 2021

Why Site Visits are Important in Solar Installations

Always ask for a site visit instead of getting a quote over the internet. It may be convenient, but it’s not ideal for ensuring your system FITS with your commercial facility or business. Bu ...

7 Mar, 2021

What you Should Learn about your Installer when Going Solar

Need a well-experienced installer to make the switch to solar? Then this is what you ought to know. The demand for solar in Australia means many unqualified or inexperienced “installers&rdquo ...

28 Feb, 2021

Here's why it's Important to work with an In-House Team

Solar has become a global movement in generating sustainable power, but it is also one sector with the largest number of unqualified installers. This is why it is essential to buy your solar system ...

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