Why International Businesses Are Super Charging With Solar Energy

Why International Businesses Are Super Charging With Solar Energy

Why International Businesses
Are Super Charging With Solar Energy

International businesses are investing heavily in solar and other renewable energy sources, adopting the use of commercial solar panels to power large commercial, warehousing, and manufacturing premises.

The impact of international corporations adopting commercial solar systems is huge.  Apart from ticking boxes on their corporate special responsibility memorandums, they are also having a significant impact on offsetting the metric tonnage of carbon dioxide per year while reaping financial benefits too.

Well-Known International Businesses Using Solar Power

 We’ve entered a new era of global accountability which means that big businesses must be socially and environmentally responsible if they hope to build, grow and maintain goodwill amongst their customers.  Many well-known international businesses are leading the way in earth-friendly energy solutions to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources, including:

• Worley Parsons
• Costco
• Apple
• Tesla

Many businesses are making the switch to greener energy as the climate and environmental crisis becomes a global concern. Apart from the obvious benefits to the planet, adopting solar panels for commercial premises and other commercial use is a smart financial solution.  And it’s not just big businesses taking advantage of the numerous benefits associated with a solar power installation, there are solar panels for small businesses too. 

The Benefits of Going Solar

Commercial solar panels are available right across Australia for both large and small-scale businesses providing significant benefits, including:

  • Improved productivity:  A solar system installation at your commercial premises is both a sound investment and a great way of future-proofing your business.  Because they have little to no moving parts, commercial solar panels are reliable, low maintenance, and they have been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.  As a reliable power source, your business is not likely to be plagued by blackouts or unexpected power cuts either.
  • Commercial solar systems are scalable: Solar system installations are available for any size and sector of business, including agricultural, manufacturing, industrial, and commercial.  This means that your solar system installation can grow with your business, regardless of whether you’re a small up and coming or a multi-national corporation.  Commercial solar panels also have the capacity to power any size of commercial premises, from administrative headquarters to full cold storage and manufacturing warehouses.


  • Improve your Bottom Line:  With a solar power installation, you can reduce your business’s reliance on the major energy companies and gain a better handle on spend and budgeting.  You may even be eligible for any number of tax benefits and other such financial incentives. There are also a number of efficient and effective options available for storing solar energy.  This is particularly attractive to those running 24-hour operations – you could, effectively, reduce your energy bills by up to 100%.    

How much energy is Generated by Commercial Solar Panels?

The amount of energy generated by commercial solar panels depends on a number of factors including:

  • The wattage of each solar panel
  • How many direct sunlight hours you get per day.

Solar panels are rated based on the amount of direct current (DC) power they produce under normal conditions.  Each panel’s output is determined by the number of cells on the panel.  Here is an example for calculating how much energy may be generated by your panels assuming that your area gets approximately 6 hours of direct sunlight per day and you’re installing panels averaging an output of 360W:

6hrs X 360W = 2,160W or just over 2 kWh per day

Thus, the output for your commercial solar system installation would produce around 730kWh of energy per year per panel.

It is recommended that you consult with professional and reputable solar power specialists regarding your commercial solar panel needs.  They can advise you on how many panels you would need to suit your business requirements and advise you on how much surface area would be needed to accommodate such a number. 


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