Are there any sized businesses you don’t do solar installations for?

No. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from reduced power costs.

How long does installation typically take and will you need to shut down the power?

It all depends on the size and complexity of your installation. Usually, the power only needs to be switched off for one hour and is typically done after hours.

What is the difference between Greensaver Solar and all the other solar companies advertising on the internet?

The difference between Greensaver Solar and most others is that we are an electrical contracting company that has specialised in solar for over 10 years. Most of our competitors are just salesmen who are not qualified in design or installation. They then pass the job onto the cheapest installation company available. This then leaves you, the customer, open to having a below standard system installed while nobody takes responsibility for the job. What may seem like a cheap price quickly becomes on a huge mistake.

Do you recommend solar for medical facilities?

Yes, medical facilities are high users of electricity and can make drastic savings with solar power.

I’ve heard some negative stories regarding solar not being installed safely, also using shoddy materials. How does this happen?

Like most things, if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. We are not the cheapest solar system provider and we are definitely not the most expensive, but you get top quality materials installed by top quality tradesmen backed by industry-leading installation and manufacturers’ warranties.

Who do I call if something goes wrong with my solar system?

If you have anything go wrong, or even if you’re just unsure of something, call Greensaver Solar direct and we will action a resolution for you.

I don’t own my building. Can I still benefit from solar?

Yes, and it can also be beneficial for the landlord to have solar installed. We can help you negotiate a mutually beneficial outcome.



A Solar Energy System Makes Money For Your Business

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Watch your relationship to energy use and electrical bills drastically change with solar for your business. Government rebates and immediate tax depreciation mean the upfront cost is returned to you many times over. Simply get in touch to arrange an on-site visit where we will discuss;

On-site visit
System design
Power distributor pre-approved
Installation day
Paperwork and electrical inspection – certificate of compliance
Paperwork forwarded to the electrical retailer and feed-in tariff organised for you


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